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Be Who You Are. Do What You Love. Get Paid Extremely Well. Live Fearlessly !

My name is Rajah Sharma. I train and certify yoga teachers and energy healers and I offer spiritual know how to life coaches. Owner of a Yoga Alliance Registered School (2015) and Author of (5) Five books including Quantum Chakra Healing (Amazon.com) I teach Maanas Yoga… Fearless living. I am also the developer of MyportalX.com. The world’s first web-based coaching portal with digital Chakra processing and client accountability system.

Born in India to a  deep rooted lineage of yogic family, who wanted to expereince the American Dream. So, for most of my adult life I was a Restauranteur, a hip-hop night club owner. I enjoyed the night club experince and also loved burger & pizza , I lived the American Dream of family, business success, cars, boats, vacation travels and white picket fence  (mine was brown) with two and a half kids. Until my genes kicked in a few years ago.  This is a classic  nature vs  nurture  story.

I am really from India. I did not pick up a Indian name to sound Indian, nor can I twist my body to impress you about my yoga pose abilities, ( Yes I do know quite a bit Sanskrit – but I am not a pundit) However, I will not recite sanskrit mantas to impress you (unless you force me to). But I can teach you everything you want to know about chakras  that you will not get from any place else, you can rest assured.

So, If you’ve ever wanted to learn about Chakras this is the program for you. I teach in full depth about  the 7 major, Energy Basics, Auras & Akashic Texts. And, I will introduce you to 74 minor chakras so you can be totally confidant and you will project the energy that will attract your tribe to you.


+ Other reasons to believe:

Quite fortunate to  know Rajah Sharma. Once I read his book  I became hooked.He is so genuine and charming and funny and adorable and knowledgable beyond anyone I have ever met.He is just that person you want to be around and absorbe all he has to teach.Any work he does or programs he teaches will be a gift to anyone that wants to know more. Michelle Mazur

Yoga, Pacific Palsiades, California

Rajah is extremely knowledgeable and you can feel his passion for coaching.

He is one of the rare people that instantly notices your energy shifts and will tell you about them the moment they happen. This sensitivity and awareness of when the energy shifts occur has been very insightful for me.

He can help you discover things about yourself that others don’t see.

Thomas Magiar

Real Estate Broker, Santa Monica, California

“Rajah has helped me deepen my knowledge of the philosophy of yoga including topics like Chakras and Quantum Chakra Healing. I continue to be inspired to learn more. The portal is a great tool for life coaches of all types.” Madeline Dupont

Yoga Teacher, Los Angeles , www.yogamadi.com

Rajah has a uncanny ability to teach and he uses science and spirituality to bring his point across. If you want to learn about chakras I hiighly recommend the class for Quantum Chakra Healing. Rita Gonzales

Yoga Studio Owner, Los Angeles

“Most Amazing Chakra Workshop” Gretchen Lightfoot

Owner: Gorus Yoga Studio, Los Angeles

The knowledge & confidence gained will create an immediate  shift in your energy and help your clients make lasting change.

  • Boost your income
  • Get edge over competetion
  • Easily create know like and trust factor with your clients
  • Your clients will see the shift in your energy and they will refer more clients to you
  • Remove personal blocks, get control on your own life and that of your clients
  • Can be a turnkey business, talk about return on investment (ROI) .
  • We will show you how to create business around this knowledge–this is a business in a box.
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