Life Coaches, Yoga Teachers & Energy Healers

Attract your ideal clients & boost your income by rebooting your 7 chakras


hustling or chasing after clients

Even if

You do not have  huge following

So that

You can have abundance of money and time to enjoy simple things in life .

The fact of the matter is that once you get past the fascination and hoopla about the chakras you can see that it’s a simple science. The body and mind are tools, just like a computer. Mastering mind-body is just like learning a new software program on your computer or a new app on your cell phone. Once you learn it, it becomes child’s play. Then you are able to take complete advantage and teach it to your clients. It’s a simple science not brain surgery.

Imagine  having  a steady flow of ideal clients who love your work and they become your raving fans, who brings you tons of referrals so your client pipeline is full.

Imagine having a full calendar  with  clients who value your service and never hesitate to pay your prices so you do not have to run after clients.

Did you know that the industry for transformation entrepreneurs (Life coaches, Yoga teachers & energy healers) is grossing over $ 40 billion annually? Are you getting a piece of this action? Are you following the “EXPERTS’ who keep on dipping in your pockets? Do they really pull you out of the quicksand of fear & procrastination? Do you keep on jumping from one to another? Do you keep wondering when it will be your time to make the money?

Now it’s the time to take action and beat the “Experts” to the punch.

Get the edge away from the leeches that have been preying on you innocence & sucking your hard earned money .

Stop waiting for that miracle moment when the universe will fix things for you.

 Take advantage of this cutting edge knowledge and say goodbye to the moochers.

The creative feminine energy  is flowing and it’s time to start  rowing your business boat in the direction of the FLOW OF ABUNDANCE. 



5 Reasons your chakras are not aligned right now.

  1. To balance the Chakras you must understand the energy basics. Your car runs on energy. Will it run with water? No! It requires pertrol (gas). Similarly, there is a specific kind of energy for chakra, that need to be balanced.
  2. There are three differnet kinds of energy that run our body. To create a lasting change all three energies needs to be  harmonized.
  3. We live in age of information. It’s free all over the internet. Lot of so called “Experts” repackage the information.  Is your source authentic? 
  4. Besides the 7 major chakras, there are 74 esoteric chakras that needs to be clear & harmonized.
  5. Often times the chakras are blocked due to Karmic print(DNA Blocks) which requires different rituals for release.  

There are lots of Chakra Programs Available On Planet Internet

Don’t waste your hard earned money on programs that are nothing more than regurgitated information which is easily available on the ineternet. It’s the same information packaged in a different way.

We stand behind our program because we want you to fully embrace your calling

We offer a double or nothing gaurantee on all our programs. In simple words if you don’t double your investment after following our system or if you are completely satisfied we will give you a full no hassle refund

why they should trust you instead to solve this problem

My name is Rajah Sharma.. Born in India to a  deep rooted lineage of yogic family. But I wanted to expereince the American Dream. So, for most of my adult life I was a Restauranteur & a hip-hop night club owner. I lived the american dream of family, business success, cars, boats, vacation travels and white picket fence  (mine was brown) with two and a half kids. Until my genes kicked in a few years ago.

I did not pick up a Indian name to sound Indian, nor can I twist my body to impress you about my yoga pose abilities, Nor will I recite sanskrit mantras to Impress you. But I can teach you everything you want to know about chakras  the way, you will not learn from any place else and more.

 I  am a “urban yogi” and I train and certify yoga teachers and energy healers. Owner of a Yoga Alliance Registered School in 2015 and Author of (5) Five books includeing Quantum Chakra Healing ( I teach Maanas Yoga… Fearless living. I am also the developer of The world’s first web-based coaching portal with digital Chakra processing and client accountability system.

So, If you’ve ever wanted to learn about Chakras this is the program for you. I teach in full depth about  the 7 major chakras, Auras & energy work. And, I will introduce you to 74 minor chakras so you can be totally confidant and you will project the energy that will attract your tribe to you.


  1. Just like when you get attracted to”THE” dress in the showroom or the shoes that talk to you and tell you “ I am made just for you – take me home”;  your client communication happens at the cellular level. It’s not necessarily in words–but at a much deeper level and they want to feel your URGE to help them THEY WANT TO JOIN YOUR TRIBE. This is a part of the chakra energetics
  2. The female power of intution is very powerful. If the chakras are open they expereince the full flow of this power and then no man  can get away with the fibs nor will your “IDEAL CLIENTS”
  3. Even though words are the primary source of our communication, we express more of our selves at cellular level. We know this as “Vibes” . For example I am communicating this message about chakras through the written words, yet you may be feeling the vibes. IF THE MESSAGE IS FOR YOU & IF YOU FEEL I AM GENUINE SOURCE, IT WILL RESONATE WITH  YOU & YOU WILL FEEL THE VIBES.  This is the how the tribe connects.
  4. Once you work on your chakras, there will be an immdeiate shift in the projection of your energy, and your clients will see  & feel the glow, your “ATTRTOR FACTOR’ will be turned on. They will be attracted to your “Vibes:  instead of you running after them, so you can use the extra time to attend the kids ball games.
  5. More time & More money to take care of family and treat yourself to facials, massage  or just go to the park or the beach and enjoy the simple pleasure of life. Be present and worry free.


Module 1:

Module 2:

Module 3:

Act now and we will include the following bonusess:

We value your time and respect your intelligence, we are not offering you old used products as BONUS- we are give you a interactive videobinar so you can ask questions in live.

Bonus Classes Include : (Video Series IV)
$250 Value

The five stages of Transformation: How to move from Victim stage stage to a state of Abundance. Video Intensive course that outlines the steps to creating a lasting change for your clients.

The Yogic Five: Meditation, Mantras, Mudras, Tantra & Yantra. $350 Value

(Live Class/QS & Answer session)

HoBenefits: You will learn everything that you want to know about the mystical knowledge which is the source of the power for the true yogi. This knowledge is veiled and conspirational and one of the most popular workshops. This is a comprehensive class focues on creating a change in the mental and physical worls of the knowledge receipient. In other words you can apply this knowledge to make a change in life, no matter what you want to achieve, wether it is just the knowledge or you want to know how to creat health, wealth, lasting relationship or joy. This comprehensive knowledge will be appicable in all instances.

7 Major Chakras
Energy Basics
About Auras & Healing Modalities

Introduction to 74 esoteric chakras.
Chakra Healing Yoga Sequence

Price $99 $ 49

By successfully completing this course, you will be able to:

  1. Know the seven primary chakras from eastern and western perspective
  2. The healing power of chakras
  3. How chakras affects your life, including, sexuality, health, finances and more
  4. Application of chakra in esoteric practices such as yoga and meditation
  5. Introduction to 74 minor chakras and how they affect your everyday life,
  6. Application of this knowledge in your business.
  • The knowledge & confidence gained will create an immediate  shift in your energy and help your clients make lasting change.
  • Easily create know like and trust factor with your clients
  • Your clients will see the shift in your energy and they will refer more clients to you
  • Boost your income
  • Get edge over competetion
  • Remove personal blocks, get control on your own life and that of your clients
  • Can be a turnkey business, talk about return on investment (ROI) .

We will show you how to create business around this knowledge–this is a business in a box.

To top it all off we will include

30 days Accountability Coaching/Web Portal Membership $ 650 Value Benefits : You will participate in a 21 day challenge. It takes 21 days to create a lasting change but we will be with your for 30 days. Success will be yours as long as you are ready for it. Implement the chakra knowledge so you can atract new clients to build your transformation biz We will stalk you and the portal will be your daily accountability system No nonsense coaching with step by step blueprint with a 60 day target to build your biz




3 questions to know if this program can help you

Q. Are you one of the change makers who is hiding in the shadows and afraid to come out?
Q. Do You still keep on attracting the freebie clients who drain you of your time and energy?
Q. Are you stuck in the moneyless exchange or trade work that rob you of your mojo?

If you are still thinking let us help you make the decision

Our Famous

Double your investment in 90 days or 100% Money Back

Clear As Black-And-White Guarantee

Attend our free online coaching class ($650 Value) & follow our system for 90 days. If you do not get sales worth twice the amount you paid we will gladly return 100% of your payment.

Price $99 $49

Quite fortunate to  know Rajah Sharma. Once I read his book  I became hooked.He is so genuine and charming and funny and adorable and knowledgable beyond anyone I have ever met.He is just that person you want to be around and absorbe all he has to teach.Any work he does or programs he teaches will be a gift to anyone that wants to know more.

Michelle Mazur

Yoga, Pacific Palsiades, California

Rajah is extremely knowledgeable and you can feel his passion for coaching.

He is one of the rare people that instantly notices your energy shifts and will tell you about them the moment they happen. This sensitivity and awareness of when the energy shifts occur has been very insightful for me.

He can help you discover things about yourself that others don’t see.

Thomas Magiar

Real Estate Broker, Santa Monica, California

“Rajah has helped me deepen my knowledge of the philosophy of yoga including topics like Chakras and Quantum Chakra Healing. I continue to be inspired to learn more. The portal is a great tool for life coaches of all types.”

Madeline Dupont

Yoga Teacher, Los Angeles ,

My associates think I am crazy to sell all this for just $99 $49

Especially when I am going above and beyond the 7 major chakras, their attributes and functionality and you will be learning about;

Akashic Texts
Energy basics
Introduction to 74 minor esoteric Chakras
Application of this Knowledge in transformation Business.

We will not give you useless information in nicely designed PDF. or Old products with inflated prices. Our bonus programs includes hands on coaching & show you how to use this knowledge

Their Prodct

  • Chakra Course 7 chakras
  • Free work book – journals
  • Free pdf downloads 7 Chakras
  • On Demand access to lessons
  • ————–not include.
  • ————–not include.
  • ————–not include.
  • ————–not include.
  • Gaurantee                              None
  • Cost                                 $300 to $800

our Product

  • Chakra Course 7 chakras
  • Free Live Portal Membership
  • Free pdf downloads 7 Chakras
  • On Demand access to lessons
  • Energy Basics
  • Aura- Akashic Knowledge
  • Apllication to Transformation Biz
  • Introduction to 74 Esoteric Chakras
  • Gaurantee                100% Refund
  • Cost                  $99        $47